Do you know that you can inspire millions of people?
Yes, YOU!

Join our challenge and share your story about something special.
Your dog, mom, house, car, love, poem, dream, business,…

We know that you know something nobody else knows.
We know that you have something that nobody else has.
We know that you’re the one who can inspire the rest of the world.

What is it?

It’s a challenge that is connecting people, making them happy, creative and smart.

How does it work?

1 – You signup (don’t worry it’s free)

2 – Every day you get an email with a secret UYT task

3 – You complete the UYT task and post it together with the UYT tag

4 – Millions of people who search for the secret UYT tag will see your story

5 – The most inspiring stories will inspire us all to do more inspiring things


Why do it?

Our world needs love. Lots of love. 
Our world is frightened. So we need to un-frighten it. 
By sharing personal stories about different subjects, we help everybody grow.
By sharing personal tips and tricks on the topic of a better life and an understanding of our world, we inspire others to do the same. We need to look at it from different perspectives and use this epidemic isolation as a tool for personal and business growth.
By opening our hearts we’re also growing as a global community.

What are the daily challenges?

We mostly want humans to de-stress from their daily work, stress, problems, viruses, diseases and personal or family issues. When you join our tribe, you become a micro-influencers and you are asked to share different stories from your life.
That stories should be based on the subject (tag) we provide.

How to post?

Let’s say it’s Monday and you get an email with the subject #uytmother. You need to share something about your mother, a story, a poem, a picture, a note, a sculpture or a video. You need to add something personal, something that triggers emotion.
You can do this in a funny, inspiring, sad, weird or other way. 

We want you to be different, creative, inspiring,  wild, crazy, authentic, and special. 
We want you to be YOU!

Do I need to post everyday?

Post whenever you want. Whenever you have something to say.
Whenever our #UYT tag triggers something in you.

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Did you know that one inspiring story can change the entire world? 

One story can influence millions of people to change their lives.

That is the power of the internet and #tags.

Maybe you know something that others don’t. 

Maybe you have the voice nobody else has.

Open your heart and millions of people will follow!